Interactive Gantt

This is where you can modify your project. There are dependencies within or between projects, effort, duration, resource assignment, cost, revenue, deliverables, activities, and all the things you need to manage your project.


Every object in the system can have it’s own set of updates, and you are automatically subscribed to items you’re assigned to. Talk about Projects, tasks deliverables, risks, issues, all within Hydra.

Financial Management

Need to know how much a project is costing? You can also predict how much it will cost in the coming months, and what it will take to finish! Fixed Fee or Time & Materials, or both – Hydra can do it all.


At a project level your team don’t need to worry – the reporting is built into their projects using our blueprint technology (customised to your needs of course). At a portfolio level you can create real-time dashboards to cover the state of your portfolio, risks and deliverables. If you need more you can also connect to our DW and use your BI of choice.


In Hydra, timesheeting is easy. You can record project and non-project time as well as holidays, PTO and any other time you need to log.Hydra also has a full timelog approval feature, with multiple methods to approve time (useful for integrating to ERP systems).


While you can’t use ALL the features of Hydra through our mobile version it’s great for resources that are on the go.

They can update a status, log their time, or check the instructions on how to complete a task. They can also add a update, or approve work already completed.


Hydra can tell you when people aren’t following your best practice guidelines, but more importantly why. 

This way we can tell you if its the process that needs reviewing, the training, or the resources.


When you sign a new deal, and you need to know how quickly you can get your customer up and running this is where you come to. Capacity can tell you very easily when you can deliver a particular project, or group of projects with your current resources. It can also tell you how many new resources you need to deliver by a certain date.

Resource Management

Hydra tells you who is doing what and when, how utilised your teams are, and who has holiday coming up.

We can also hold a full skills matrix to make sure you allocate the right resources to the right projects.

There’s more…

All our Customers also get

Live Chat

No Chatbots here! Live, UK-based support team online during office hours, you don’t have to have an issue – we also just chat too!

Help Center

If you prefer to read, or we’re not online, then you can always use our fully stocked help center. It is linked on every page of the system to show you what you can do on each page.


If you need a refresher, or would like to use a feature you haven’t used before then we are are here to help. We’ll even train new starters for you.

Top Stats

Our support team are proud of their stats, their satisfaction rating is above the standard for our industry, so when you are in need of help, they are definitely the people to talk to.

If you’d like to know more, we’re here to help answer any questions


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